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"Really good for feet problems. I go to Will Smith and he always excels at customer service and making my orthotics personalized to my feet. Very good for athletes. Would highly recommend to anyone."
— Justin H.
"I cannot possibly give a higher rating for General Orthopedic. Art Smuckler is a genius! I had such severe back pain at one point in my life that I was in bed for weeks, unable to stand for more than 45 seconds at a time. The custom orthotics that I wear now have reduced my back pain significantly. I did not even know what a certified pedorthist was until I met the folks at General Orthopedic. Now, I can't imagine life without custom footwear. Do yourself a favor and visit Art Smuckler and the staff at General Orthopedic. You will be amazed by the results!"
— Kinsman R.
"My husband and I had sore feet for years--until we heard about a man in Albany who makes custom orthodics. We now do all the sports we did when we were younger. If you've tried everything else to get relief for your feet--as we did-- and have had no success, call Art Smuckler in Albany. We both wear his orthodics and have referred 6 friends who also now wear them !!RELIEF!!!! Our insurance doesn't cover orthodics but our feet are worth any price. You won't be disappointed"
— Gail K.
"Convenient parking, good appointment times. Friendly and competent front-end staff. No waiting in the waiting room to speak of. Appointments are pretty much on time. Will Smith explains everything you would ever want to know about feet; with fake skeleton feet or diagrams to demonstrate. He is particular and seems to be concerned about quality in the orthotic inserts he makes on site.
I've only been there a few times but each time, the person ahead of me (different people each time) expressed spontaneous satisfaction while they were checking out about their improvement - how they can now walk after surgery, or how they are now preparing for their half-marathon again when they thought they'd have to quit running.
I haven't run in decades and I'm not necessarily going to start now, but I did use my feet for regular walking; to the mailbox, to my car, while running the vacuum, while at work all that exotic stuff - until my arches fell and I found myself unable to put pressure on my ankles or trust that my ankles wouldn't give out and topple me. My inserts after a couple of adjustments have made it possible for me to resume my regular life. My flat feet don't bother me as they did before I got my inserts; the feel more like they did before my arches "settled". Mr Smith said that if I ever wanted to start running again, he would work with me to be sure feet were not what stopped me - my knees, hips weight, lungs, or attitude maybe - but he'd make sure it wasn't my feet!"
— Karen B.
"got foot pain? go see art smuckler at general orthopedic. after having tried several 'over the counter' and custom methods to assist in relieving foot pain...i finally found this place...and i couldn't be happier! cost was reasonable, staff is professional, and pain/discomfort are a thing of the past!"
— Rick T.
"I highly recommend General Orthopedic. I felt very comfortable the entire time, respected their knowledge and felt they always had my best interest at heart. My new orthotics are wonderful and I look forward to many healthy years as I continue to work with General Orthopedics! After years of frustration with orthotics that were not enough for my needs, I now feel like my feet are the feet they are meant to be. More people should know about this place!!!"
— Heather S.
"Art is the feet what Sinatra is to music: the greatest!!!"
— Alan R.
"Simply the best..."
— Brenda S.